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Ben is amazing. He helps you to reset your mindset and get excited about the journey in front of you. – Sandra-sue

Sandra was an Ideal client! She worked extremely hard and followed all of my guidance with nutrition and lifestyle and it paid off! She lost a large amount of fat and came down a few dress sizes very rapidly. It just shows that we all have the power to do it, we simply need the motivation and guidance to follow through.

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Ben is friendly yet professional, always keen to share all the amazing fitness knowledge he possesses. Ben has listened to all of my requests and applied them to every session, providing challenging lessons that has helped me get fitter but also grown more confident on how I perform the exercises. I am definitely closer to what my initial fitness goal was but also always setting new and more challenging goals along the way. He always knows where I’m at at every new session making me feel he knows and remembers what we did last session and what’s next to do, yet he always asks me how am I feeling and what would I feel like doing the most on that day. I’ve shared what sports I like the most and or have practiced in the past and he has implemented an holistic approach by including those exercises during our sessions making it fun and familiar. If I could describe his work in key words they would be: dedication and real results! – Marie

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Being a football player i suffer from many injury's, it was important to me to have a trainer that not only helps me regain mobility and strength in the affects areas but also get them and the surrounding muscle groups stronger to prevent injury from occurring again! plus with his extent of education in the fitness and sport science industry you know your getting real science not bro science! i would definitely recommend him to any aspiring athletes who want to prevent or come back from injury as he will give you the tools to get you to your goals! – Daniel

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Ben has been training me for a few months now , working on upper body strength . Every session is different and I get an amazing workout. Highly recommend Ben. – Julie-ann

Ben is a fantastic trainer. Workouts are varied so you never get bored and always feel like you are getting maximum results in each session. Highly recommend!! – Amber

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Awesome guy who knows his shit, helped me lose almost 10kgs over the past few months. Will always push you but never past your limits. Would recommend to anyone needing a reliable PT – Xavier

Xavier was the winner of my 6-week challenge and won himself $250! He also lost a tremendous amount of fat in that time and we continued training until he lost over 10kgs in a few short months!

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Ben is an awesome trainer! – Yasmin

I've trained with Yasmin and occasionally her sister and friend also! They have always been so much fun to train together and always have a laugh during the workouts! They have experience in pole fitness and it was fun to incorporate some similar exercises into our workouts.

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amazing knowledge and a really good sense of how far to push people – Jeremy

Jeremy was an ex-Army marine and wanted to rejoin the Army reserves! So we had to work on his fitness and strength. Whilst training we also found he had huge amounts of tension and tightness in his shoulders and back due to his job so we worked on improving these areas too!

Perth Personal Trainer Results Ben Irving PT

He is very passionate about fitness and especially health! he will guide you through each movement perfectly and correct you if you are not following through with the workout properly 🙂 He is very knowledgeable with not only workouts but the way the body works. He has definitely picked up on a few things with me and i can’t thank him enough for pushing me and helping me correct the way i go through a certain movement. he really is great can’t recommend him enough – Melissa

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I think Ben is spot on with knowledge; he pushes and challenges you to do what is required. I've been a gym goer for a while and has been doing some fitness group classes and all. He figured out that I had mobility issues and started working on form. He is quite dedicated; talks less which is sometimes a plus so that you could push: more bang out of your time. If you have any injuries that kept you from working out then better call Irving! – Ahmed

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Not just your average Personal Trainer! Super knowledgeable, Ben always had my long-term health and injury prevention in mind when helping achieve goals. Great understanding of movements and muscular function, whenever I didn’t feel comfortable with a certain exercise he always had alternatives ready to go so that I could still hit all of the right muscle groups. Would definitely recommend Ben as a trainer if you’re wanting to hit your fitness goals, but more importantly if you want to keep them long-term. – Hugh

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Thorough and personable - doesn't push you TOO hard but hard enough for it to work! – Mark

Marks worked hard to increase his fitness and increased it he has! Now rowing 1km in a very respectable 4 minutes!

What I like about Ben is that he knows how to motivate me, he makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals – Ruena

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Training with Ben has been a fantastic way to get started with exercise again; having increased my fitness in just a few months is great motivation to keep going. Ben will push you just enough to get results but not to the point that you don’t enjoy yourself. I would highly recommend him as a trainer – Kate

Thanks Ben. You were a good trainer and I appreciate all the help. – Doug

Doug came to me looking for help with his form on the main 3 lifts! And within just a few short sessions his form tremendously improved and so did his lifts!

I came to ben looking for someone to keep me accountable… help me with motivation… essentially I needed a kick up the bum.

Now I try to train between our sessions… so I can keep up and surpass my limits. – Nicole

I've been training with Ben for a few years now and he always has time to discuss my fitness goals and point me in the right direction 🙂

He is full of knowledge and always has a very positive attitude - exactly what you want in a trainer! – Liam

Ben is very good at what he does. Great support and encouragement, very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. In 2 weeks of training I lost 5cm from my thighs and 4cm from my stomach. It’s inspired me to keep training. With bens help and a good diet anything is possible. Thanks Ben

Highly recommend Ben for any level of training. – Linda

Linda adapted really well to training and we were able to knock off a couple of inches from her thighs and stomach area in a few short weeks!

My first experience with a P.T Ben genuinely listened to my concerns. I didnt think I would ever say I like going to the gym session, but due to Bens skills and professionalism, I could feel an instant change and “benefits” and of course the non-macho approach with a smile, yep even at 5:45 in the morning, goes a long way. Ben definitely gets 2 thumbs up from me. - Gina

Gina was very new to the gym and only really walked on the treadmill as she was too afraid or didn't know what else to do! After running her through some resistance workouts she immediately felt the benefits and started to really enjoy mixing up her workouts!

Incredibly professional and friendly! Absolutely lovely and knowledgeable. Very patient and helped me build confidence for the gym. Definitely recommend - Amy

I had a break from the gym over Christmas period so was a little rusty, but Ben really helped, motivating me throughout the sessional and also providing me with good knowledge/exercises on the equipment in the gym – Jenae

Training with Ben was definitely a very educational experience. He shows great knowledge and professionalism during the training which makes me feel comfortable and trusting under his guidance’s. He understood my fitness goal, and have showed me new workouts and techniques that are really effective. I am definitely thankful for the lesson, and will reapply them to my fitness routine. ☺️ - Stephanie

Incredibly knowledgeable and goes beyond the generic routines. Cut above the rest, highly recommend. – Jake

Ben is a talented trainer that has a passion for bringing out the best in people. Ben possesses a plethora of knowledge on training and nutrition, with programs based on solid, researched-backed principles. Whether you're aiming to gain strength or size, change your body composition or all three, Ben delivers a genuine and practical approach to reaching your goals! – Sean

Great, personable guy, knows his stuff and has worked very hard on attaining all his knowledge – Alistair

Great knowledge, amazingly motivating can't recommend enough! – Christie

Amazing knowledge learned so much whilst doing my training, would definitely recommend, the sessions were always mixed and Ben really pushed me – Stephanie

Ben and I used to work out together back in 2015, I remember his massive V shape back , that I envied him, however he wasn’t satisfied with his biceps and Ben always come with those super interesting exercise that would bring him that peak :). I had great time with him, not only inside gym, but anywhere we were going. His knowledge and ambitions for being better and helping others is amazing. I would recommend Ben to anyone who is new in this industry or even been working out for years or have any health issues or need to improve overall strength. It’s all about being positive a do it with people who are enthusiastic, that is what Ben is - a great guy. Keep it up brother, wish you the best. – Miky