Workout Programs

Workout programs designed to get you the results you're looking for.


These are set programs and are not personalised to you but do focus the objective of the program, if you're wanting personalised training then look at my online coaching!

Fat Loss Program

Fat Loss Program

This is my fat loss program designed to give you effective results and keep them!

In this 6-week program, I share the science behind fat loss and teach you how you can maintain your results and progress further than you ever have been able too.

We cover:

-How to track your progress





-Stress management


-What your results mean and what you want to see


At Home Workout Program

Home Workout Program

This is a 4 week at home workout program designed to help you build or maintain your fitness in the comfort and safety of your own home.

No equipment is necessary.

The program has 4 full-body workouts a week designed to get you burning the most calories possible to give you the quickest results.


Legs, Abs and Booty

Legs, Abs & Booty Training Program

This program focuses the legs, abs and booty.

This 6-week program is 2-3 days per week and requires the equipment of a gym or home gym.

We cover:

-How to track your progress

-How to build muscle in the areas you want

-How to get abs

-What your results mean and what you want to see

This program is perfect for a beginner or
intermediate trainee looking to build up their legs and booty with some serious muscle for that athletic curvy look.


Muscle and Strength Building

Strength & Muscle Gain Training Program

This is a program that focuses on progressively overloaded the main compound movements to get you the best bang for your buck in the gym! This is for people wanting to maximize their strength and muscle gain in the least amount of time.


1 On 1 Personal Training in Perth

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Revo Fitness Myaree

Bootcamps available in Beaconsfield


45min session - $60

60min session - $70

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